5 Common Drywall Problems You Might Have

5 Common Drywall Problems You Might Have

|April 8, 2021 | Drywall Problems

5 Common Drywall Problems You Might Have

Want to know what are the few common drywall problems and how to repair them? Are they wondering how did you get such big holes in your beautiful house?

Below are some of the main drywall problems, and you can also read on to find out how to repair them.

Water Damage

This is one of the leading causes behind the drywall. This may occur due to water accumulated at a particular place or due to water leakage in your wall. First, make sure that you have the water leakage repaired and fix the wall’s damaged part.


We often avoid the minor cracks on our walls, thinking, after all, it is just a tiny crack, but these small cracks may often lead to damage to the foundation of your house, causing severe risk to your life. Earthquakes, bad taping of dry walls, vacant homes are some of the reasons behind drywalls. For drywall repair, you can use a joint compound to fix it.

Nail Pops

We usually use nails on our walls, and over time, it may lead to damage to your wall. To repair drywall, you need to find the stud by removing the nail on the wall and place it at a different point and make sure the hole is fastened.

Furniture Scuff Marks

It occurs mainly when the furniture is too close to the walls or when the table is in direct contact with the floor. A cleaning sponge can easily remove the scuff marks, and in severe cases, the effects can be removed by making a mixture of Vinegar and Olive oil and applying it to the affected area, and then wiping it off with a dry cloth.

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