All you need to know about Drywall Installation

All you need to know about Drywall Installation

|February 20, 2020 | Drywall Installation

Drywall Installation

Hanging drywall is a fast and easy process. All one needs is a utility knife and a tape measure to make the needed cuts and cut-outs. With a little patience and following the instructions one can easily save up a lot on the home construction project. The experienced tradesman has their own techniques, and trade secrets developed to install the drywall. Most of them buy an extra sheet or two of drywall more than the estimation for the job.

They prefer using the largest pieces possible for the least amount of seams. The fewer seams give smoother look to the walls. Apart from that, Ontario Drywall and Taping tradesman uses a tape measure, a utility knife, some carpenter’s pencils, handheld drywall saw, and a ladder is required for doing the ceilings. It is mainly preferred and useful for high ceilings. A good set of saw horses make the job easy for measuring and making cuts with drywall boards.

How to hang the drywalls?

Experts always start hanging from the ceiling and work way down. A caulking gun is used to place some adhesive on the studs and to ensure drywall is butt as tight as possible to the drywall on the ceiling. This holds the board in place and the ends are secured to the ends of the board whilst the helper holds it in place. After checking the board is secure and it doesn’t move, drywall screws are inserted from six inches apart over all the studs.

Ontario Drywall and Taping tradesman makes the cut-outs for electrical boxes after measuring carefully. They measure the height of the box from the floor and the width to cut the board accordingly. After cross-checking the measurements on the drywall board, the drywall square is used for drawing straight lines to outline the box. With the drywall saw, the box is cut out for hanging the board and then it is lined up with the receptacle box. Then the process is repeated until all the walls are covered with the drywall. Then drywall is hanged effectively using the cordless drill. Professionals prefer using drywall screws instead of nails to create less unwanted bumps in the finished wall or ceiling.

Considering the expense of labor and its application, drywall is not only less expensive but also has easy installation. It is a cost-efficient and sensible option for covering all the areas of the home or office.

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