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When should you use Mold resistant dry walls?

by Ontario Drywall |November 4, 2020 |0 Comments | Tips

When should you use Mold resistant dry walls?

In modern households, the molds are very common and even pose a real serious threat to the house as well as the family living in the property. It not only troubles our finances but also compromises health. Thus, it is important for the house owners to take appropriate measures in order to mitigate these molds from the house.

One of the steps you can take as a homeowner is use of mold-resistant drywalls. For those who are not quite thorough with the mold-resistant dry walls, read on to know more about them.

How does the mold-resistant drywall work?
Okay, to be called as the mold-resistant drywall its primary function is to not contribute or give rise to or allow the development of a certain environment that can lead to the growth of mold. You may also notice that they do not use the traditional paper facing. These mold dry walls are mainly available in two forms- one with fiberglass facing and a gypsum core; second- a drywall entirely made of gypsum material.

These both materials are effective in reducing the likelihood of moisture and hence mold build up. As there is no paper like material in any of these two drywall forms, they do not attract water and get wet. Besides being mold resistant, they are impact- resistant, sound resistant, and fire resistant. Thus, they also help in improving the overall house build up.

When to use mold resistant drywalls?
It is best to make use of such mold-resistant drywalls in the areas where it is more likely to be in interaction with water. These areas can be disastrous to your house structure and costly to you as well. Generally, the side walls and ceilings of such rooms are humid and damp, and the mold-resistant drywalls are; perfect for these rooms. Some people use them in the kitchen to prevent the mold formation.

Even though the mold-resistant drywalls are a little expensive compared to the traditional drywall, it saves a lot of your money by not making you end up repairing or replacing those traditionally used drywalls.

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Drywall taping issues and how to fix it quickly

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Drywall taping issues and how to fix it quickly

Drywall taping and mudding are by a long shot the most difficult part of drywall establishment, and it’s the place beginner drywallers run into the most issues. However, while the ability of immaculate completing comes just through training, there are a few basic slip-ups novices make that are handily rectified with a superior method or material, or both.

Here I am listing the major drywall taping problems and how you can fix it in an effortless and quick manner.

Outside Corners Are Rough as well as Fragile
Instead of utilizing standard paper tape on outside corners, put in a couple of additional cash for metal or plastic external corner dot. Corner dot is more sturdy and a lot simpler to introduce than paper-just corners. Spare the paper tape for outside corners that never get any traffic, for example, bulkheads or lookout window shafts.

Inside Corners are Ragged
Try metal-strengthened corner tape. It joins a metal edge with paper ribs for an entirely molded and smooth inside corner. The metal additionally gives your drywall blade a smooth, inflexible surface to ride along when taping the corner.

Mud Drying on Inside Corners
Before you lay the mud, sliced your paper tape to length and pre-wrinkle it. You’ll spare yourself an urgent couple of moments. In case you’re utilizing metal-fortified tape, sliced it to length and have it good to go before mudding the corner. In either case, it’s additionally simpler to quantify for your tape length before there’s mud on the divider.

Drywall Tape Shows Through the Mud
Remember, there are three layers of mud: tape coat, filler coat, and last coat. It may be that you are barring the last coat. The tape really should show through the filler coat; in the event that it doesn’t, your filler coat is excessively thick. In the event that your first last coat doesn’t cover the tape, apply more covers, yet keep them slim.

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Mistakes you must avoid during drywall taping

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Mistakes you must avoid during drywall taping

During drywall taping, you might be unaware of various common mistakes. So, in this post, I am going to some expert mistakes listed by Ontario Drywall and Painting that you must not commit ever.

Don’t to skip screw holes when you apply each layer of compound
All that’s needed is a touch of the compound to cover the top of a fastener. Smooth out the compound with your 6-inch joint blade. Just the dimple over the clasp ought to have any mud—the divider around it ought to be totally clear. Wipe the blade over the latch a second time an alternate way to eliminate any overabundance mud.

Don’t to purchase an inappropriate mud
One of the most well-known slip-ups new shapes make is choosing an inappropriate mud. Utilize a “generally useful” or “setting” compound for the underlying coat and for each extra coat—aside from the last coat. Universally handy compound goes on smooth and holds fast well to joints and drywall tape. For the last coat, however, change to a “beating” compound, which makes a fine surface and sands without any problem.

Except if you’re an accomplished shape, avoid “quick setting,” or “hot,” mud that dries rapidly. Hot mud can set up before you get an opportunity to streamline it, leaving you with a great deal of extra sanding.

Don’t cover drywall tape
Applying one layer of paper tape will help limit any opportunity of winding up with a lump in the completed divider. Start by applying a flimsy layer of compound to a solitary vertical joint utilizing a quality blade. Its adaptable edge will disperse mud consistently over the joints. At that point, following applying mud to the whole length of a solitary vertical joint, position a portion of paper tape over the wet mud. Pull the joint blade easily—working from the center of the tape to each end—to bed the tape safely in the mud. Rehash with every single vertical joint. At the point when you tape level joints, cut the tape so it fits between the vertical joints without cover. In the event that they do cover, they will most likely leave knocks.

How To Deal With Water Damaged Drywall?

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How To Deal With Water Damaged Drywall?

Walls get damaged by water which is more severe than anyone can imagine. Whether there is flooding at home or pipe leakage, drying everything does not seem enough. You should pay attention to even the smallest signs of damage related to water in your house. 

The most affected component in your house is drywall. Even though they seem alright right now, they might show damages later. And, if the signs are already there, you need to do something of it quick. Here are ways to deal with the damaged drywall with efficacy.

Use proper safety gears
Before working on drywall repair, make sure to have all the needed protective gear and take all precautionary approaches. Wear respiratory protective gear, gloves, ensure to keeps switched off ( if any nearby).

Remove the damaged drywall
Remove only the water damaged drywall; it is not necessary to remove all the panels. If the flood in your house damaged 2.5 feet of the drywall, then remove about 4 feet of it. Mark the level on the drywall with chalk only and cut off the damaged drywall with a knife.

Dry the surrounding area
Removing the drywall is not enough, so dry the nearby area. Make sure there is no moisture as any underlying issues will affect the new drywall panels too. Call up the professional contractors to dry the surrounding area. They come equipped with all the necessary tools and materials to deal with water-damaged drywall.

Sanitize before installing
Sanitization is important when it comes to saving drywalls as moisture is one of the biggest threats. It is important to make sure that there will be no development of molds and for that sanitization is a must. 

Paint new drywall
Once you remove the drywall, sanitize the area, and also dry up the nearby area, it is time to install new drywall and paint them. The paint will act as a sealing coat and simultaneously provide a uniform and smooth appearance.

Drywalls can be tricky and thus call Ontario Drywall and Tapping for a professional service of drywall repair.

How to choose between Drywall and Plaster for Your Next Project!

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How to choose between Drywall and Plaster for Your Next Project!

Are you starting the construction of your new house? Or, planning to remodel your entire home? Whatever your project is, either commercial or residential, the quality of the wall coverings makes a huge difference.

One needs to research to choose the right building material for the wall coverings. It is an important detail that will determine how your place looks. Its choice will also affect your budget and time frame of the project to be complete.

So to ensure your walls are smooth. You need to carefully choose the material to cover your walls and ceilings!

Each building material has its pros and cons. Here we’ll talk about the most frequently used materials- drywall and plaster.

Drywall is made of gypsum and mixed with water in proper proportion. This is pressed flat between two sheets of paper and then dried. After its completely dry, it is cut in large panels according to the measurements of the wall.

Drywall is easy to install and repair. Moreover, it provides better insulation and maintains the temperature inside. Due to this, it’s commonly used in houses nowadays.

If you’re looking to cover your walls yourself, then this is the best option. It is an easier task to complete without expert assistance. However, if you’re getting drywall for the entire, it is wise to hire Ontario drywall and taping experts.

Plastering is a long process. It starts with nailing lengths of wood or metal, to the wall studs, and then applying several coats of plaster for a better finish. It is better at soundproofing.

Plaster is a labor-intensive job and an expert can only complete the job correctly. Hire a skilled plasterer for plaster installation. This high-maintenance material takes a lot of steps to be completed and always needs professionals help to do the tiniest job. Various layers are needed to create a durable finish.

So, in the end, if you’re looking for a quick option, drywall is the best option and plaster needs a lot of coats to be completed. As a result, you end up spending more on the walls and ceiling.

How to Deal with Molds on Drywall?

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How to Deal with Molds on Drywall?

It is not common to find mold on the drywall. Even if you have it there’s no point of being worried about it. As the experts always say drywall is low maintenance, so is its mold treatment.

Commonly molds are in the shower, tub, or bathroom, where the moisture stays. So if by chance you see any mold in such areas kill it on the spot. It is the best way to save your money, time, and effort on spending its prevention.

Still, if they keep on coming. It is a serious concern that shouldn’t be ignored. They can eat up the entire wall. And, also trigger allergies and respiratory disease. Getting rid of them involves only taking professionals’ services from Ontario drywall and taping experts but also maintaining a healthy home environment.

Here are some ways to deal with molds and make the choice after seeing the severity of the mold growth.

Bleach and water

If the growth is in initial stages, mix half a cup of bleach with water to kill the molds. This is one of the best mold-killing agents and prevents it from coming back. Just brush it onto the mold areas and wipe it to remove excess moisture. Even leaving the bleach on for some time will help in killing the spores hiding inside it.

Even though there are other ways to remove available, it is effective in taking out each bug.

Vinegar and Water

If you want to avoid chemicals, mix equal parts of water and vinegar to make a cleaning solution. It will work on spores and largely settled infestations. The properties of this mixture are responsible to deal with multiple types of molds. However, do a spot test before to see if how molds react to it.

Although drywall is low maintenance, you need to take care of the area around. A lot of moisture and low ventilation often leads to breeding of new bud. So make the places easy to breathe to prevent mold spores.

The Reason behind Hiring a Professional for Drywall

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The Reason behind Hiring a Professional for Drywall

There are several problems that occur while you try to hang drywall yourself. It is worth the investment to hire a professional to hang your drywall to avoid some problems that may occur in drywall attempts. Residents should take top-notch drywall installation and repair services to avoid any mishappening.

Here are some reasons that justify taking services for the drywall installation.

  • Experts use proper tools and the latest technique for the installation. The professionals create walls, ceilings, arches, and other structural and architectural elements of residential, industrial, and commercial properties diligently.
  • Since drywall hanging requires patience and perseverance, only an expert can do a series of steps required for perfect drywalling considering the temperature required to dry. Drywall experts carefully mix calcium sulfate hydrate and other additives for a better lifespan. Drywall gives a much smoother and picture-perfect look. The entire part depends on making the right type of mix for the drywall. If it is too hard or dry, it may only spoil the entire look and not last for long.
  • Professionals sand the mud compound and joints for a smooth surface whereas an inexperienced drywaller may over sand or not do it, which spoils the look of the drywalling. Low-quality materials or wrong tools damages walls which can make you go for expensive repairs.
  • They have complete knowledge and experience to keep proper space between sheets. They are consistent throughout which lessens the risk of drywall breaking. After inspecting the area, they leave some room for expansion or contraction of the framing. Tight drywall joints can crack the wall due to seasonal expansion of the framing, so experts take the utmost care to avoid such instances.
  • For an inexperienced person, it is quite difficult to cut holes in the sheet rock for perfect alignment with receptacles installed. Professionals do everything properly by marking the location and cutting the hole after installing the receptacle.
  • It is mandatory that the hardest parts of hanging sheet rock are butt joints that are formed where two non-tapered ends meet. Butt joints have a mud buildup and it should be mud over to avoid joint. A drywall hanging expert doesn’t risk driving the screws too far as they can break the surface of the paper facing the wallboard, which can lead to losing holding power of the screw.

In the end

Ontario drywall and taping experts use the right products and apply them perfectly in every drywall project. Everything is done right to avoid damaging the surface or drywall falling off in some time.

Why Drywall Installation Is Essential?

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Why Drywall Installation Is Essential?

If you are working on your dream home and investing your hard-earned money then it must be long lasting. For that purpose, a good quality of building materials is really essential as any wrong choice could result in your money and time loss. Drywall installation process is nothing but a fancy DIY project, which comes at an affordable cost. It does not require a lot of tools and can be done with a group of ordinary workers. The process of creating drywall comes up with the mixing of fiber along with plasticizer and involves water absorption.

Drywall installation is much essential for a house to make it look fancier than others. With just one hole in the wall, the overall appearance of the hall changes and makes it look prettier and more durable. Drywall also provides comfort and privacy to the consumer. Thus the installation is a must for the current generation.

The primary theory behind installing drywall is removing the former plaster from the wall, which with-time becomes weak and ugly. Thus, installing drywall has its benefits. Following are some points which add to the fact why the installation of drywall is a must in today’s decade.-

  • Easy to fix: It has already replaced the generation of plasters and is preferred over building materials. Somehow, if a wall gets damaged, drywall is more comfortable and more uncomplicated to fix, compared to a standard wall. All the costs, which include cracks, holes or chips, are prone to drywall and fixing those are cheap as well. After the installation, the wall becomes fire-resistant, since it is made up of gypsum. Thus several business owners prefer installing drywall in their living room.
  • Mould resistant: Drywall can withstand the danger of two different buildings. Mould is a significant issue which can take place because of unexpected damage. Thus, drywall has turned up to be the solution to prevent such injuries from occurring in an infrastructure.
  • Energy Efficiency: Drywall is an insulator, so cold air is trapped inside the house in the month of summer, and the same thing happens in winter as well. Warmer air gets trapped inside the house and makes the environment cosy for the residents. So, you can save a lot of money as you don’t have to invest to maintain temperature according to the weather.
  • Easy to replace: As we know that drywall can be damaged very quickly, but in fact, the replacement is more comfortable. If somehow the wall wears down, it is advisable to tear out the wall and apply for re-installation. Consumers can also recycle the former drywall. Since the product is environmentally friendly, it is mostly referred to the customers to take a step to save the planet.
  • Why choose Ontario Drywall And Taping?: Hiring professionals to do this business is mostly advisable to the consumers for better protection to the walls. Drywall comes up with a lot of benefits for the homeowners and business owners. We take care of the comfort of the customers and make sure to provide them with quality service throughout a lifetime.

Wrapping up: Ontario Drywall and Tapping provides one of the world’s top-notch services in this field, starting with installation to the finishing. With an experience of over ten years, Ontario Drywall exactly knows what features to add in your wall to make it exceptional from the others.

We provide a team of skilled workers who can quickly work up to your project, no matter what the size of the wall is. Our company has offered quality Boardman to it for the last few decades.

Questions You Must Ask While Investing in a Contractor

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Questions You Must Ask While Investing in a Contractor

Redesigning your home can be tremendous financial speculation. Recognizing what’s in store before the task begins will assist you with bettering get ready for the system. Enlisting the correct contractual worker from ODT can have the effect between your venture being a triumph or a bad dream. Here are a few inquiries to pose to your temporary worker before redesigning your home, just as tips and deceives to ensure you locate an authorized proficient.

1. Are you authorized?

It’s significant that your temporary worker can take care of the expenses related with any mishaps that happen while chipping away at your venture. In the event that a potential contractual worker is uninsured, leave. You’ll expect an obligation for their wellbeing, and that is a position you would prefer not to be in. It’s likewise essential to recall that being authorized isn’t equivalent to being guaranteed.

2. How much experience do you have in this segment?

Everyone merits a break, however you don’t need your home to be a preparation ground for amateur temporary workers.

It’s an essential inquiry, so don’t be timid about asking to what extent your contractual worker has been in the business and to what extent they’ve run their organization. Additionally, get some information about their involvement in the particular remodels you’re getting ready for your home.

3. How many building licenses have you acquired right now?

Some broad temporary workers may not be acquainted with your territory and the particular codes identified with your property. For instance, on the off chance that you live in a region that is populated with an enormous number of legacy homes, you may confront limitations on the sort of remodels you’re permitted to make.

While not a major issue, it helps if your contractual worker knows about nearby construction law necessities and allowing process.

4. What is a prudent course of events for this project?

Request that your temporary worker be as explicit as could reasonably be expected. While startling issues may emerge as the task unfurls, an accomplished temporary worker ought to have the option to give a timetable to the fruition of the venture.

5. How many projects you are at present chipping away at?

You need them to be somewhat occupied, otherwise you may address why you are the just one employing them.

Then again, if your contractual worker has such a large number of activities comparative with their ability, the nature of your remodels might be influenced.

Schedule a session with ODT experts now and know more about our services!

All you need to know about Drywall Installation

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Drywall Installation

Hanging drywall is a fast and easy process. All one needs is a utility knife and a tape measure to make the needed cuts and cut-outs. With a little patience and following the instructions one can easily save up a lot on the home construction project. The experienced tradesman has their own techniques, and trade secrets developed to install the drywall. Most of them buy an extra sheet or two of drywall more than the estimation for the job.

They prefer using the largest pieces possible for the least amount of seams. The fewer seams give smoother look to the walls. Apart from that, Ontario Drywall and Taping tradesman uses a tape measure, a utility knife, some carpenter’s pencils, handheld drywall saw, and a ladder is required for doing the ceilings. It is mainly preferred and useful for high ceilings. A good set of saw horses make the job easy for measuring and making cuts with drywall boards.

How to hang the drywalls?

Experts always start hanging from the ceiling and work way down. A caulking gun is used to place some adhesive on the studs and to ensure drywall is butt as tight as possible to the drywall on the ceiling. This holds the board in place and the ends are secured to the ends of the board whilst the helper holds it in place. After checking the board is secure and it doesn’t move, drywall screws are inserted from six inches apart over all the studs.

Ontario Drywall and Taping tradesman makes the cut-outs for electrical boxes after measuring carefully. They measure the height of the box from the floor and the width to cut the board accordingly. After cross-checking the measurements on the drywall board, the drywall square is used for drawing straight lines to outline the box. With the drywall saw, the box is cut out for hanging the board and then it is lined up with the receptacle box. Then the process is repeated until all the walls are covered with the drywall. Then drywall is hanged effectively using the cordless drill. Professionals prefer using drywall screws instead of nails to create less unwanted bumps in the finished wall or ceiling.

Considering the expense of labor and its application, drywall is not only less expensive but also has easy installation. It is a cost-efficient and sensible option for covering all the areas of the home or office.