Drywall taping issues and how to fix it quickly

Drywall taping issues and how to fix it quickly

|October 13, 2020 | Drywall Repair

Drywall taping issues and how to fix it quickly

Drywall taping and mudding are by a long shot the most difficult part of drywall establishment, and it’s the place beginner drywallers run into the most issues. However, while the ability of immaculate completing comes just through training, there are a few basic slip-ups novices make that are handily rectified with a superior method or material, or both.

Here I am listing the major drywall taping problems and how you can fix it in an effortless and quick manner.

Outside Corners Are Rough as well as Fragile
Instead of utilizing standard paper tape on outside corners, put in a couple of additional cash for metal or plastic external corner dot. Corner dot is more sturdy and a lot simpler to introduce than paper-just corners. Spare the paper tape for outside corners that never get any traffic, for example, bulkheads or lookout window shafts.

Inside Corners are Ragged
Try metal-strengthened corner tape. It joins a metal edge with paper ribs for an entirely molded and smooth inside corner. The metal additionally gives your drywall blade a smooth, inflexible surface to ride along when taping the corner.

Mud Drying on Inside Corners
Before you lay the mud, sliced your paper tape to length and pre-wrinkle it. You’ll spare yourself an urgent couple of moments. In case you’re utilizing metal-fortified tape, sliced it to length and have it good to go before mudding the corner. In either case, it’s additionally simpler to quantify for your tape length before there’s mud on the divider.

Drywall Tape Shows Through the Mud
Remember, there are three layers of mud: tape coat, filler coat, and last coat. It may be that you are barring the last coat. The tape really should show through the filler coat; in the event that it doesn’t, your filler coat is excessively thick. In the event that your first last coat doesn’t cover the tape, apply more covers, yet keep them slim.

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