Furniture marks Drywall Repair your house Needs

Furniture marks Drywall Repair your house Needs

|August 17, 2021 | Tips

Furniture marks Drywall Repair your house Needs

A house becomes home when it is showered with love, care and constant repairs and maintenance. And, if you have a drywall installed at your home, then it can be exposed to damages like wear & tear over time. But, that does not mean that you have to live with those marks and holes. There are several reasons for damage on the drywall like furniture marks, door handle damages, nail hole damages, cracks, water damages and even molds.

Here is one of the common different causes of drywall damages that need to be taken care of for a perfect looking home- Furniture marks!

Furniture marks

We all love to get the most authentic and highly appealing furniture for our house that matches the aesthetic and theme of the house. Furniture ought to leave a mark when not moved from one place for years. Thus, it is advised to shift furniture from time to time and redirect the foot traffic. When they are set against the wall, the furniture leaves scuff marks. These marks are uncomfortable, unattractive and highly annoying.

But, remember, these are one of the easists drywall repairs that you can bring to your use. In most of the cases, these furniture marks can be removed with a sponge dampened with water. However, if you still see the marks on the drywall, perhaps you need something stronger. The next best option is to have a fresh coat of paint on the damaged portion of the drywall. For next time, make sure to keep the furniture a little distant from the drywall to avoid further scuff marks on the wall.

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