What are Type X and Type C Drywall?

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What are Type X and Type C Drywall?

Drywalls are a common practice for residential and commercial purposes. However, it is important to know about the difference among the top-rated products in drywall. One thing is clear that due to the water composition, every drywall has its own characteristics. They also differ in the rate at which they can resist fire. Type X and Type C are designed to resist fire in order to increase safety.

So, would this mean that you can have any one of them and it is fine? Well, it is most certainly not! There are huge differences between the two options. And, if you are planning to hire a contractor, then you must know about the differences and consult about them beforehand. Let us explore them.

Type X Drywall

Type X Drywall is about ⅝ inches thick and it is referred to as the first fire code item. It has gypsum, non-combustible glass fibers. They together extend the fire resistance for 1-hour maximum. Of course, there are Type X Shaftliner Drywall that have better fire rate qualities, but they are installed in the shafts, area separation firewalls, and stairwell enclosures.

Type C Drywall

Type C is just the improved version of the Type X drywall. This drywall is available in two options- ½ inches and ⅝ inches thickness. The gypsum core is made of glass fibers that enhance the fire-resisting ability of the product. Along with these, they have vermiculite components additionally that extend the resistance of fire, making it spread slowly allowing time for about 2 to 4 hours.

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Furniture marks Drywall Repair your house Needs

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Furniture marks Drywall Repair your house Needs

A house becomes home when it is showered with love, care and constant repairs and maintenance. And, if you have a drywall installed at your home, then it can be exposed to damages like wear & tear over time. But, that does not mean that you have to live with those marks and holes. There are several reasons for damage on the drywall like furniture marks, door handle damages, nail hole damages, cracks, water damages and even molds.

Here is one of the common different causes of drywall damages that need to be taken care of for a perfect looking home- Furniture marks!

Furniture marks

We all love to get the most authentic and highly appealing furniture for our house that matches the aesthetic and theme of the house. Furniture ought to leave a mark when not moved from one place for years. Thus, it is advised to shift furniture from time to time and redirect the foot traffic. When they are set against the wall, the furniture leaves scuff marks. These marks are uncomfortable, unattractive and highly annoying.

But, remember, these are one of the easists drywall repairs that you can bring to your use. In most of the cases, these furniture marks can be removed with a sponge dampened with water. However, if you still see the marks on the drywall, perhaps you need something stronger. The next best option is to have a fresh coat of paint on the damaged portion of the drywall. For next time, make sure to keep the furniture a little distant from the drywall to avoid further scuff marks on the wall.

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5 Tips to Deal with Mold on your Drywall

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5 Tips to Deal with Mold on your Drywall

Yes, mold on drywall is common but you need not panic on the first sign of the mold you see. The drywall in your washroom was supposed to offer a low maintenance benefit to you, but it can also be a dwelling place for molds. Since the shower holds moisture a lot, the molds can thrive there easily without much effort. However, it is your job to get rid of them. Here are simple 5 tips to handle the mold on the drywall.

5 Tips to Deal with Mold on your Drywall

Water and Bleach
In early strategies, the mold can be gotten rid of with the mixture of water and bleach rubbed on the drywall. Brush with a good pressure on the drywall with this mixture to see the results.

Household Detergent
Often our house has items that can come in handy and turn out really efficient. And, one of such items is household detergent. Cleaning the dry walls with this household detergent helps in eliminating the black mold. So, next time you go shopping, make sure to have this in your mind.

Vinegar and Water
Trying to avoid chemicals? Well, you can hop to the organic and chemical-free approach. Use the mixture of vinegar and water. It works on 82% of the spores and infectious settlements of infestations.

Hydrogen Peroxide
Works the same as bleach, hydrogen peroxide helps in getting rid of mold the same way. But, it hits the last number in the list because it can scarp off the paint from the drywall. Thus, you need to be cautious about the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide you use!

Another toxic chemical to use, when you literally have no other choice in your home. Another point is that drywall does not absorb this ammonia as well as bleach. And, it emits off a pungent-smelling gas- that is even more harmful.

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Taping and Mudding your Walls: What does it mean?

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Taping and Mudding your Walls: What does it mean?

When you plan to get dry walls at your home, you must have come across the term- taping and mudding the walls’. It is used regarding the aesthetics and even as fire protection requirements. But, what is exactly mudding? What is taping? What is the use? Why do we use it? If someone asks you, then you must be able to answer them what is taping and mudding!

What does it mean by taping and mudding the wall?

The terms do not sound so pleasant, do they? These tasks are a part of the finishing process while installing a drywall. The entire process takes a lot of steps. Starts with carefully taping the joints so that the drywall sheets come together. At least a few layers of mud must be applied with proper curing and sanding in between them.

Taping the Drywall

What does a normal tape do? It helps in joining two things together. Similarly, this taping of drywalls means joining the adjacent sheets of drywall together. With this you can build a continuity in the sheets and help to prevent any possible cracking or motion in the sheets. In the areas where excessive movements are expected, the drywall mesh is put up- it is necessary. But, of course, it is a tad bit expensive and a little difficult to smooth it out. So, it is typically used in problematic areas.

Whale taping you need to take care of the bubbles that might develop in between them. Using the drywall taupe with air drying mud helps a lot in the same.

Mudding the Wall

This is a drywall joint compound. It is used to strengthen and smooth the drywall and the drywall joints. Either you can use a dry mud or a premixed mud for a drywall project. Using the all-purpose mud base coat helps in meeting many requirements. It also connects and seals the drywall sheets together. The last steps include texturing and painting the dry walls after taping and mudding the walls.

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Considerations while hiring a Drywall Contractor

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Considerations while hiring a Drywall Contractor

Like a work of art, drywall is an extremely work concentrated strategy. Likewise, the drywall contractors have to be skilled properly in light of the fact that any defects will be gotten long after the painters have left. This is the reason an extraordinary accentuation ought to be put on employing the correct drywall contractor for the work.

Here are a few things to consider while you hire a drywall contractor

Do the Research

Whenever you have done some examination and have thought of a rundown of drywall organizations, verify whether you can discover data on the web in regards to client audits. Checking the Better Business Bureau will likewise help you measure what you conceivably might be managing.

Evaluate the Project

A few undertakings around the home might be inside your extent of abilities, however in case you’re introducing drywall for a bigger region, say, a whole room, it’s ideal to track down an expert who will deal with the task rapidly and proficiently.

Get Estimates

Any drywall organization that is deserving at least moderate respect ought to generally approve of giving a gauge upon your solicitation. When you get different assessments, think about subtleties, for example, time period of the task, materials determined, cost and then some.

Industrial Experience

While there is consistent cash to be saved by recruiting a drywall worker for hire with less experience, the danger in doing so seldom legitimizes the eventual outcomes. Attempt to pick an accomplished organization with solid abilities to guarantee a good outcome.

Authorizing and Insurance

Ensure your project workers have the legitimate authorizing that guarantees they agree with local guidelines. It is additionally a smart thought to ask about labourer’s remuneration and risk protection.

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5 Different Ways of Drywall Repairs

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5 Different Ways of Drywall Repairs

Want to know what kind of drywall suits you the best?

Well, here are some of the points for you to consider to judge what kind of drywall repairs should suit you the best. It is possible that over time, the Drywall wears a lot, and this does not mean that you should have unwanted holes or marks in your house walls.

Learn 5 causes of damage to your walls that the drywall repairs will help create and keep it all delicate and beautiful.

Furniture Marks

Furniture is prone to leave marks on the walls when pressed against them for quite a long time. These markings are undoubtedly annoying and unappealing, but they are one of the most uncomplicated drywall repairs. With a lightly dampened sponge, you can remove these scuffs or marks.

Door Handle Damage

When the door handles are slammed on the walls, the door holes are more likely to occur. Easy to avoid? No, instead, they are more prone to houses of children. These damages are more extensive than the furniture marks. It needs to be patched over, sanded, and repaired.

Nail Hole Damage

The most common damage of Drywall is nail damage. Whether you moved to a new home or need to redecorate your house, rearranging takes away the house’s look if the nail marks are visible. Fill the holes, sand the area, and repaint.


Cracks should be taken seriously! They can grow and bring more problems in later stages. It can be due to humidity, temperature, or changing seasons. It can also be because of the poorly laid out foundation or some deterioration in the structure’s framework.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Drywall Installation Contractors

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Drywall Installation Contractors

Doing a development project ensures that everything is done accurately and is necessary to fabricate an excellent yield. In private and business structures, each construction piece ought to be made ably and should work appropriately and securely. During the structure cycle, the development group’s well-being and others on the site should be contemplated. Additionally, a development business or organization should meet the customer’s assumption and employing an expert will facilitate the work.

Here are only a couple of the most compelling motivations why you should only count on professional and certified drywall installation services.

Save Time

Many individuals don’t have the opportunity to do the actual work or invest energy in different undertakings around their home that they appreciate more and are better at doing. Proficient drywall installers can take care of business rapidly just as appropriately, which is a gigantic advantage to most private clients.

Rich & Expert Services

It’s straightforward enough—a task finished by a drywall expert will probably look far superior to a work you complete yourself on the off chance that you don’t have a similar kind of involvement with that sort of work. Take care of business right the first run by working with an expert instead of staggering through the task yourself.

You’ll set aside cash and space: If you are anticipating hanging the drywall yourself, you will have to buy the drywall, in addition to all the essential gear and apparatuses for the work, which you may not use once more. Why squander that cash and space? Recruit an expert to accurately take care of business and try not to top off your apparatus stockpiling zones with the mess.

It Requires Expert Apparatuses

Drywall installation requires utilizing an assortment of specific devices and materials to get the best completion and a consistent appearance. You need to take amazingly exact estimations and make the same slices without harming your existing ground surface and roof. A specialist drywall installer will, as of now, have long stretches of involvement finishing numerous drywall occupations, which you probably can’t say for yourself.

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How To Transform Your Room With Drywall?

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How To Transform Your Room With Drywall?

Are you bored of the simple coloured walls? Want to add some personality to it? How about adding textured drywall? It will bring a little drama to your simple looking room. You can have ample drywall texture options – either for your ceiling or any other wall. In any way, you can create an aesthetic look of the room, just precisely how you want to. Here are some of the different textures of Dry Walls that are ideal for varied kinds of the face that you imagined in your mind.

Drywall Textures are generally in two ways- The first one is hand texture, whereas the other is spray texture. As the names suggest, the former is made by hands, and the latter is done with the help of an electric or a gas-powered spray.

Besides bringing an appealing look to your room, these drywall textures also are considered excellent for treating and managing the defects on the walls. Thus, based on how the textured on the drywall is done, the application method differs as per the texture you choose. Some of the surfaces that you can out up in your bedroom are:

  • Orange Peel Texture
  • Skip Trowel Texture
  • Knock Down Texture
  • Sand Swirl Texture
  • Popcorn Texture
  • Slap Brush Texture
  • Comb Texture

Are you ready to use one of the mentioned textured drywall methods? If you believe that you are capable of texturing the wall yourself, then perhaps, you shall drop the idea. It is better to call up a professional or a renowned and experienced service provider for a look that you exactly imagined.

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Why Should You Hire A Drywall Contractor?

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Why Should You Hire A Drywall Contractor?

Are you doing renovation at your home or maybe remodelling and reinstalling some elements in your house? Then, you must consider drywall services in Toronto. And, to get the best of the benefits of drywall and tapping, you need professional help. Thus, you will get durable and efficient services.

Drywall is one of those jobs that is well performed by trained and experienced professionals. No matter how many DIYs you have online, please do not go for those you are talking about as this is your house. A professional will give you what you haven’t thought about it!

Are you not convinced yet? Here are primary reasons why to choose professionals for drywall services?

Drywall Contractors Own The Right Tools & Equipment
A professional is undoubtedly prepared with all the right tools and equipment needed to repair and maintain the drywall or even install it. They are aware of what kind of devices will be required by what type of house. They can even reach the hard to get place with the pieces of equipment they have.

Drywall Contractors Hold Mastery in the Services
By the continuous practice of providing drywall and tapping services, the contractors learn a lot and gain experience. Therefore, they become more efficient over time and make their services to clients even smooth and perfect.

Drywall Contractors can Save you a lot of Time and Money
If you go for DIY, you might do more damage than you would have thought, which ends up burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, without professional help, a task that takes one day can take up to 4 to 5 days. Plus, get a smooth and seamless finish of your services every time.

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When should you use Mold resistant dry walls?

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When should you use Mold resistant dry walls?

In modern households, the molds are very common and even pose a real serious threat to the house as well as the family living in the property. It not only troubles our finances but also compromises health. Thus, it is important for the house owners to take appropriate measures in order to mitigate these molds from the house.

One of the steps you can take as a homeowner is use of mold-resistant drywalls. For those who are not quite thorough with the mold-resistant dry walls, read on to know more about them.

How does the mold-resistant drywall work?
Okay, to be called as the mold-resistant drywall its primary function is to not contribute or give rise to or allow the development of a certain environment that can lead to the growth of mold. You may also notice that they do not use the traditional paper facing. These mold dry walls are mainly available in two forms- one with fiberglass facing and a gypsum core; second- a drywall entirely made of gypsum material.

These both materials are effective in reducing the likelihood of moisture and hence mold build up. As there is no paper like material in any of these two drywall forms, they do not attract water and get wet. Besides being mold resistant, they are impact- resistant, sound resistant, and fire resistant. Thus, they also help in improving the overall house build up.

When to use mold resistant drywalls?
It is best to make use of such mold-resistant drywalls in the areas where it is more likely to be in interaction with water. These areas can be disastrous to your house structure and costly to you as well. Generally, the side walls and ceilings of such rooms are humid and damp, and the mold-resistant drywalls are; perfect for these rooms. Some people use them in the kitchen to prevent the mold formation.

Even though the mold-resistant drywalls are a little expensive compared to the traditional drywall, it saves a lot of your money by not making you end up repairing or replacing those traditionally used drywalls.

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