How to choose between Drywall and Plaster for Your Next Project!

How to choose between Drywall and Plaster for Your Next Project!

|July 10, 2020 | Drywall Installation

How to choose between Drywall and Plaster for Your Next Project!

Are you starting the construction of your new house? Or, planning to remodel your entire home? Whatever your project is, either commercial or residential, the quality of the wall coverings makes a huge difference.

One needs to research to choose the right building material for the wall coverings. It is an important detail that will determine how your place looks. Its choice will also affect your budget and time frame of the project to be complete.

So to ensure your walls are smooth. You need to carefully choose the material to cover your walls and ceilings!

Each building material has its pros and cons. Here we’ll talk about the most frequently used materials- drywall and plaster.

Drywall is made of gypsum and mixed with water in proper proportion. This is pressed flat between two sheets of paper and then dried. After its completely dry, it is cut in large panels according to the measurements of the wall.

Drywall is easy to install and repair. Moreover, it provides better insulation and maintains the temperature inside. Due to this, it’s commonly used in houses nowadays.

If you’re looking to cover your walls yourself, then this is the best option. It is an easier task to complete without expert assistance. However, if you’re getting drywall for the entire, it is wise to hire Ontario drywall and taping experts.

Plastering is a long process. It starts with nailing lengths of wood or metal, to the wall studs, and then applying several coats of plaster for a better finish. It is better at soundproofing.

Plaster is a labor-intensive job and an expert can only complete the job correctly. Hire a skilled plasterer for plaster installation. This high-maintenance material takes a lot of steps to be completed and always needs professionals help to do the tiniest job. Various layers are needed to create a durable finish.

So, in the end, if you’re looking for a quick option, drywall is the best option and plaster needs a lot of coats to be completed. As a result, you end up spending more on the walls and ceiling.

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