How to Deal with Molds on Drywall?

How to Deal with Molds on Drywall?

|June 29, 2020 | Drywall Installation

How to Deal with Molds on Drywall?

It is not common to find mold on the drywall. Even if you have it there’s no point of being worried about it. As the experts always say drywall is low maintenance, so is its mold treatment.

Commonly molds are in the shower, tub, or bathroom, where the moisture stays. So if by chance you see any mold in such areas kill it on the spot. It is the best way to save your money, time, and effort on spending its prevention.

Still, if they keep on coming. It is a serious concern that shouldn’t be ignored. They can eat up the entire wall. And, also trigger allergies and respiratory disease. Getting rid of them involves only taking professionals’ services from Ontario drywall and taping experts but also maintaining a healthy home environment.

Here are some ways to deal with molds and make the choice after seeing the severity of the mold growth.

Bleach and water

If the growth is in initial stages, mix half a cup of bleach with water to kill the molds. This is one of the best mold-killing agents and prevents it from coming back. Just brush it onto the mold areas and wipe it to remove excess moisture. Even leaving the bleach on for some time will help in killing the spores hiding inside it.

Even though there are other ways to remove available, it is effective in taking out each bug.

Vinegar and Water

If you want to avoid chemicals, mix equal parts of water and vinegar to make a cleaning solution. It will work on spores and largely settled infestations. The properties of this mixture are responsible to deal with multiple types of molds. However, do a spot test before to see if how molds react to it.

Although drywall is low maintenance, you need to take care of the area around. A lot of moisture and low ventilation often leads to breeding of new bud. So make the places easy to breathe to prevent mold spores.

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