How To Deal With Water Damaged Drywall?

How To Deal With Water Damaged Drywall?

|August 3, 2020 | Drywall Repair

How To Deal With Water Damaged Drywall?

Walls get damaged by water which is more severe than anyone can imagine. Whether there is flooding at home or pipe leakage, drying everything does not seem enough. You should pay attention to even the smallest signs of damage related to water in your house. 

The most affected component in your house is drywall. Even though they seem alright right now, they might show damages later. And, if the signs are already there, you need to do something of it quick. Here are ways to deal with the damaged drywall with efficacy.

Use proper safety gears
Before working on drywall repair, make sure to have all the needed protective gear and take all precautionary approaches. Wear respiratory protective gear, gloves, ensure to keeps switched off ( if any nearby).

Remove the damaged drywall
Remove only the water damaged drywall; it is not necessary to remove all the panels. If the flood in your house damaged 2.5 feet of the drywall, then remove about 4 feet of it. Mark the level on the drywall with chalk only and cut off the damaged drywall with a knife.

Dry the surrounding area
Removing the drywall is not enough, so dry the nearby area. Make sure there is no moisture as any underlying issues will affect the new drywall panels too. Call up the professional contractors to dry the surrounding area. They come equipped with all the necessary tools and materials to deal with water-damaged drywall.

Sanitize before installing
Sanitization is important when it comes to saving drywalls as moisture is one of the biggest threats. It is important to make sure that there will be no development of molds and for that sanitization is a must. 

Paint new drywall
Once you remove the drywall, sanitize the area, and also dry up the nearby area, it is time to install new drywall and paint them. The paint will act as a sealing coat and simultaneously provide a uniform and smooth appearance.

Drywalls can be tricky and thus call Ontario Drywall and Tapping for a professional service of drywall repair.

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