When should you use Mold resistant dry walls?

When should you use Mold resistant dry walls?

|November 4, 2020 | Tips

When should you use Mold resistant dry walls?

In modern households, the molds are very common and even pose a real serious threat to the house as well as the family living in the property. It not only troubles our finances but also compromises health. Thus, it is important for the house owners to take appropriate measures in order to mitigate these molds from the house.

One of the steps you can take as a homeowner is use of mold-resistant drywalls. For those who are not quite thorough with the mold-resistant dry walls, read on to know more about them.

How does the mold-resistant drywall work?
Okay, to be called as the mold-resistant drywall its primary function is to not contribute or give rise to or allow the development of a certain environment that can lead to the growth of mold. You may also notice that they do not use the traditional paper facing. These mold dry walls are mainly available in two forms- one with fiberglass facing and a gypsum core; second- a drywall entirely made of gypsum material.

These both materials are effective in reducing the likelihood of moisture and hence mold build up. As there is no paper like material in any of these two drywall forms, they do not attract water and get wet. Besides being mold resistant, they are impact- resistant, sound resistant, and fire resistant. Thus, they also help in improving the overall house build up.

When to use mold resistant drywalls?
It is best to make use of such mold-resistant drywalls in the areas where it is more likely to be in interaction with water. These areas can be disastrous to your house structure and costly to you as well. Generally, the side walls and ceilings of such rooms are humid and damp, and the mold-resistant drywalls are; perfect for these rooms. Some people use them in the kitchen to prevent the mold formation.

Even though the mold-resistant drywalls are a little expensive compared to the traditional drywall, it saves a lot of your money by not making you end up repairing or replacing those traditionally used drywalls.

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